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After years of dabbling in photography, the Fujifilm X-T1 grabbed me and dragged me in completely. The way it looked, the way it felt,  its size and weight, the dials, and of course the way the images looked. Without nerding out on gear, it made me want to go out, it made me book city breaks and became an enabler to start exploring street photography. We had a very happy two years together with too many lenses; 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 18-55mm, 50-230mm.

Being a gadget obsessive, when the X-T2 was released I jumped on it. Not because I had outgrown the X-T1, but because it had given me so much pleasure that I felt I could justify the cost. But it didn’t feel right. The weight had gone up, and it somehow felt more clinical. Closer to perfection. Some of the character and personality of the X-T1 was missing. So I used it less. Decisions about what gear to travel with became tiring, so I left it behind.

So, in February I took an X100F for a test drive. It was nice to spend the day out with a camera so small and quiet that it went unnoticed, and so simple that I had very few decisions to make.


Obviously I bought one. And sold everything else. It is the only piece of photographic equipment I now own (unless you count my iPhone). It will go with me everywhere, make packing for trips quicker and easier, and hopefully bring a consistency to my images which wasn’t there before. Less is turning out to be more.

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