Hey! Thanks for your visit – this is a collection of my favourite photos which I’ve taken, along with the occasional rambling post!

I’m James, I am from northern England but now call the mountains of Andalucía my home, and I’ve been taking photos on the street on my travels since about 2014. In 2016 I thought I’d try sharing them. As anyone interested in street photography will know, it’s an often misunderstood and sometimes scary hobby to practice, and therefore scary to show to others!

It’s a hobby which I’ve confined to travelling and holidays so far, but now I’ve moved from Manchester in the UK to the hills of Andalucía in southern Spain, with so many vibrant towns and cities and festivals and parties, where life is always lived outdoors, I’m hoping to get out and about more to try and capture some of it.

I hope you enjoy my favourites, let me know with a Tweet!